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Armello teaser pre-production colour and location work.

We tried out lots of different things in the development of this project.  As we started to get closer to the right stories we moved into the colour and mood, which is always a fun part of production.  In the images above we were still kicking around some of the ideas that didn’t make the final piece.

I want to plug the Armello Kickstarter campaign again - it’s halfway through and steadily approaching the goal, but still needs help to get across the line.  So check it out, it’s going to be an amazing game and some of the rewards are super cool too. (Especially the art book ;)


why settle for flower crowns when you can have flowers and hats? I wanted to make a tf2-related repeating pattern the sake of making myself some clothes out of it, but I might make this available on gumroad and/or redbubble for anyone who wants to do the same (it’s transparent) or put it on your phone or whathaveyou. It took me for-effing-ever to make this but I’m happy to make more patterns of individual classes, or pairings, or threes. Feel free to send me a request. c: Hope you like it.


The Melbourne Link has put together a video of cosplayers from melbourne supanova 2014.

ella and i are the snk cosplayers at 0:44!

Yay, we’re in the video at 0:20!


Melbourne’s Supanova convention where I cosplayed as Free!’s Arabian ending Nagisa omg boyohboy was this fun to make

the pants guys the pants I wanted to get holsters and stash all my snacks under there do you know how handy that would have been except for having to flash people to get to them, but s’all in the name of doughtnuts so I don’t think they would’ve minded les be real

ALSO THAT LITTLE JEAN KEYCHAIN IS HILARIOUS it was from one of those little lucky dip capsule machines and all the other characters posed so badass with total face of FURY AND VENGEANCE and there’s little jean boy lookin generally indignant I love it

Photo credits to Sammy who went as a prettypretty Anna from Frozen, Pocket Designs, and the lovely Sam as the varsity Rei and Nagisa ohgosh what a fab girl there was so little Free reppin at this con, I’m so glad we found each other <3

Woo! That’s me and aeronik with you in front of the Keep Off Garden sign!



Game of Thrones cast photos out of character.

I love these photos so much

omg for a moment there I thought the second to the last picture was buckybird.


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

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Drew some ungulates. We’re moving on to four-legged walks this week, hence the dogs and now these. Research.



REALLY just wanna take this chance to remind the people who follow me to not kill/trap opossums if they’re in your yard, and do not call animal control! Seriously.

  1. Opossums are literally 100% BIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE of carrying rabies. Their body temperature is too cool to incubate it properly.
  2. Opossums are actually quite gentle and NOCTURNAL, so if they’re roaming, they’ve probably gotten lost, been injured, and are looking for a place to hide.
  3. Young opossums tend to try to climb into garbage cans when they’re starving. This is because THEY ARE LITERALLY STARVING. Don’t fucking shoot them or hit them with things because you wanna be some fucking macho top-of-the-food-chain cocksucker.
  4. Mama possums are amazing mothers and if you encounter an “aggressive” opossum, it’s probably because she’s got babies hanging off her nipple and she’s freaking out. They’re clumsy. Sometimes they don’t hear you coming and  you catch each other off guard.
  5. Wanna lure an opossum off of your property? You can set up a box with some greens and cat kibble in it, hide it well, and lure them out that way. They’re actually quite harmless and keep other predators away. they eat lotsa gross stuff.
  6. Opossum mamas who get hit by cars often still have their helpless babies attached to them. Possums get a bad rep and people say they are “the dumbest animal”, but they are incredible creatures who have been around since the days of fucking dinosaurs so treat them well, okay?


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encarved crocodile skull

Bali Organic Arts


Holy SHIT that is some Good Art




Nathan Fillion is not appreciated enough.

One of my favourite human beings — for a reason.

Love him!

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