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class: soldier

best friend: pyro (lol)

first kiss: soldier….

lover: s-soldier?!

cockblocked: sniper

children: twins (probably both soldiers lol)

Class: Sniper

Best friend: Sniper … uhok.

First Kiss: Sniper … …. what’s happening.

Lover: Spy

Cockblocked: Pyro omfg akd;sjlfaksjf plz

No. of children: 100 plzno spy that’s too many




LOVER: Sniper



This is surprisingly accurate. : U

(I cannot find out how to reblog my name to save my life)

Your class: Demoman

Best friend: Scout

First kiss: Pyro (ok how the fuck)

Lover: Sniper AW YEAH.

Cockblocked: Heavy ...yeah right, with your amount of fat you cannot even see your own cock

No. Of Children: 1 Or else my demovag would hurt too much.

Hey quit pickin’ on Hoovy you wish you had his monster cock

I am the Soldier

Best friend is the Demoman

First kiss is the Spy

Lover is the Engineer

Cockblocked by the Demoman

3 children

How the what the

Your Class: Spy (Disasterous!  I suck at Spy!)

Best Friend: Spy

First Kiss: Demo (Everyone loves a drunken snog)

Lover: Demo (Clearly I enjoyed that drunken snog)

Cockblocked: Soldier (You biscuit, Solly!)

Number of children: 1.  (Tut, why wasn’t there a 0 option?)

Character: Sniper

Best friend: Engie

1st Kiss: Pyro

Lover: Spy

Cockblocked by: Engie

# kids: 5

Good lord…how many fanfics have that exact plot structure??

That, or I’m secretly Scout’s Mom…

Oh dear, here goes.

My class: Scout (Kill me.)

Best friend: Demo

First Kiss: Engie

Lover: Solly

Cockblocked by: Solly (Wat)

And Twins.

Eugh. Well this has certainly been an adventure.  Let’s not repeat it.

Jesus, your love life would be just ripping!  Solly… a man of extremes. “LET’S FUCK… NO FUCKING FOR YOU!”

I don’t even play but couldn’t resist!

My Class:  Demoman  HELL YES

Best Friend:  Engie HELL YES

First Kiss:  Medic HELL YES

Lover:  Medic SEE ABOVE


Number of Children:  100. Oh, I see, we’re doing that thing where the doves are his children.  Fine by me.

You did alright!  And Engie’s just lookin’ out for ya.

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    I don’t really like these type of stuff but I had to do this one cuz the heck not, wooooooot!
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    Class: Scout (eh, ok) Best Friend: Sniper (yay :3) First Kiss: Heavy (awww c:) Engie (oh ok c:) Heavy (makes sense X3)...
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    Your class: Pyro Best friend: Engineer First kiss: Soldier Lover: Scout Cockblocked by: Medic Number of children: 3 why...
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    oh shit this is a thing I’m Medic best friend is Soldier first kiss is Sniper lover is also Soldier cockblocked by Scout...
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    I’m Pyro My best friend is the Sniper My first kiss is the Medic My lover is the Pyro (ah yes, me and me) I’m...
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    Im a medic, my besty is a medic, first kiss is a sniper, lover is a medic, cockblock is a scout, and three childs....
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    Damn Medic! I think they made so we only get medic the whole time…and one child
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    Class: Engie Bestie: Spy First Kiss: Scout Lover: medic Cockblocked: Pyro (makes sense) # of Kids: 3
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    class: scout best friend: pyro first kiss: scout lover: heavy cockblocked: scout # of children: 5
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    Class: Pyro (IT ME.) Best Friend: Engineer (… Pretty accurate) First Kiss: Sniper (YES.) Sniper (DOUBLE HELL YES. WHAT...