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Compilation of my week 2 of ‘A Pyro A Day’ a.k.a. an exercise in not knowing what I was doing when linework was taken away from me :/ Tut.

I realise I let my ‘A Pyro A Day’ slip, and for that I feel pretty bad.  I could list the reasons, but really they’re all bollocks if I was truly committed to it!  Nevertheless, one of the reasons I stopped, and a weedy reason it is, is that some of the details on the ones I’d done had bothered me, so I wanted to go back and fix them.  I have a real difficulty in leaving a drawing partially finished or even at sketch stage.

Anyway, here’s the first week in one hit.

'A Pyro A Day' - Day 20

Head Canon: Ducks follow Pyro home.

{I know it’s as sketchy as fuck, but now that I’m working full-time, I’m lucky if I can get a chance to do these}

'A Pyro A Day' - Day 19

Head Canon: Pyro is quite envious of Demo’s lovely tartans.

'A Pyro A Day' - Day 18

Head Canon - The day Pyro found a five-leaf clover was the blackest.

'A Pyro A Day' - Day 17

Head Canon: Pyro gets a real sweat up in that suit.

'A Pyro A Day' - Day 16

Head Canon: Pyro drinks straight from the carton.

'A Pyro A Day' - Day 15

Head Canon: Pyro believes you’re never too old for blanket forts, but wishes Scout wouldn’t tell such scary stories.

Scout, don’t scare Pyro!  That’s dildos!

'A Pyro A Day' - Day 14

Head canon: Pyro knows that some things make a fire burn brighter.

'A Pyro A Day' - Day 13

Head Canon: Demo and Scout are a bad influence on Pyro.

{Sorry, I realise I’m behind with these, but the Pyro cosplay is kicking my ass in terms of being able to sit at the computer for any decent length of time}