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OK since Animation Mentor is not kicking my ass for 5 minutes, I have finally got around to posting the little avatar commissions I took…er… about a month ago, I believe. My thanks to those who commissioned me. It was fun.


Red Demoman - slavaboo

Very good!

Only Soldier has clearance to touch Sergeant Tank Girl.

Someone else can make the Soldier pussy jokes.

Done! And it’s been submitted to the printer.

If you’ve requested a card and I’ve not responded, I didn’t get your message. All card slots are now accounted for and I’m unable to offer any more until the next time I do a TF2 card order, which’ll be Xmas. *sad face*




Dear god Mael. I think you owe me a story now!

Someone hose Mael down before he ignites.

I don't think the accents/dialects of the characters were really that big a concern to the developers so I guess it doesn't matter if someone writes their speech as being a bit cheesy or stereotypical... I mean, look at Sniper. He sounds like Michael Caine.
protowilson protowilson Said:

Haha! Well, yes I see your point. I could say that generally Sniper’s accent is decent in comparison to a lot of non-Aus voice actors doing an Australian accent. Lowry does tip a wee bit into cockney in some spots, but considering white Australia’s cultural heritage, that can sorta be excused. And when I listen to Aussie accents from the 60s and 70s, they are pretty heavy on the Strine and occasionally sound ludicrous by today’s standards.

“Gawd save the Queen” is one of those Sniper lines that makes me cringe. No one says that in Australia but I do realise he’s probably referencing TF2 universe’s Australian Queen which seems to be different to the commonwealth’s current monarch.

It bothers me a great deal that people latch onto Demo's drinking when - as you pointed out - he spends a good deal of time lucid and aware, and even pretty sober, as evidenced by his morning off with his mother. As for accent and dialect, I wonder why people don't do what I do, which is read novels set in the place I want to write about and do the cultural research that way.
protowilson protowilson Said:

There you go, fanficcers!



Who is the most popular TF2 character?

Off the top of my head I would think Medic is the most popular. His personality is very dynamic, ranging from canon Meet the Medic’s cheerful ‘hahaha isn’t surgery just fun?’ attitude over fanon traumatised/cuddly!Medic to the guro mad doctor, which makes him pairable with most other characters—Heavy/Medic is arguably the most popular pairing in the fandom, Medic/Scout is a guro stable, but recently Medic has been appearing more consistently in other pairings as well; Medic/Sniper, Medic/Engineer, and Medic/Soldier seem to be on the fast-track to popularity, and he has also been paired with fem!Pyro and Miss Pauling on occasion.

However, I decided to look into the actual statistics where available and easy to collect—the exact counts are listed under the Read More link at the bottom of the page.

(Please note that numbers and percentages add up to more than 100% because art/stories may have more than one focus character, e.g. a Heavy/Medic story is counted once each for both Heavy and Medic. Disclaimer: This is a rough estimate with significant reporting and research biases, do not use for actual science and/or gloating.)

It seems my initial gut feeling about Medic’s popularity was wrong (which is why modern science is based on empirical evidence—get your vaccines, kids!). Even so, I’m not surprised; the results no doubt reflect the age demographic of each website: and DA are frequented by the youngest fans who tend to prefer Scout (and the perverts on Paheal fem!Scout) whereas TF2chan and AO3 are frequented by a much smaller and slightly older population group which favours the Sniper/Spy and Heavy/Medic pairings. If I had ventured into or backtracked more than a year on /afanfic I assume I would have found enough Heavy/Medic stories to shift their weighted average upwards. Feel free to grind the numbers yourselves.

What I find most disheartening, though, are the numbers for Demoman. I wonder if anything can be done to make him more appealing to the fandom?

First, thanks for going into such detail with your response… I wasn’t expecting that, and admittedly, it wouldn’t have occurred to me that such stats were actually available.

I’m sorry I can’t put this under a cut, but it doesn’t seem available as an option and I’m crap with html, so if someone can let me know if what I’ve done hasn’t worked and how I can fix it that’d be great

Read More

Ugh one day I’ll advance to a stage where Demo doesn’t look different in EVERY SINGLE FRICKIN’ DRAWING!