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Prootoooooo aaaaaaaaaa! I got it I got it! Oh my goodness! IT’S BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU SO MUCH! QvQ

My grandma brought me the envelope and I was like “Wth, Australia? Good Hale, who would send me anything from Australia???” ….I will pretend I totally forgot where you live. BUTTHAT’SNOTIMPORTANTRIGHTNOW LADSFASDLF…THANK YOU AGAIN! YOU ROCK! /sob

(via poisonous-medicine)

I received your Independance day card.... Well actually i received it the 11th of July but my new job kept me busy. XD;;; Thank you so much ! This bringed me so much joy when i seen it in the mailbox.
protowilson protowilson Said:

I am glad it arrived!

Asker reallyginny Asks:
Thank you for my Soldier card!! I loved his message inside and Scout is so funny making the "Loser" sign on his head. Mom is going to get a nice frame so I can put it up on the wall. Thanks again, I love your art!!! (From Zack)
protowilson protowilson Said:

You’re welcome, champ!


Here’s a photoset of me trying to take pictures with Proto’s card!

(Sometimes Solly and Archimedes chill together! DON’T QUESTION ME)

Hahaha!  Sweet!

Prince George

diamondroads forwarded me this (Thanks, Des-erino!). Sailor Moon seems surprised to share her space with some tough mercs. 


Proto, your cards arrived today! I just had a spastic happiness dance. Thanks so much for sending me these lovely things!


God damnit Solly I already did my pushups for the day! D8 

Thanks for the amazing card Proto! You’re fantastic! <3 


asdjhgasdjhdjgf Proto it’s here!!

And message in it is…. God, I’d give 100 if I had too!! butmaybenotonthisheat

And ohmygod that little post stamp is just plain adorable akjsdhkaj

Thank you!!

Asker goingloco Asks:
I got my card as well, many many thanks! It hangs over my desk and reminds me of awesome people who do such things for the fandom just to make it happy :)
protowilson protowilson Said: