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Last night’s life drawing. Been a while.

Some drawings from my last two lifedrawing sessions. It was tougher than it should’ve been, so clearly I need to do some more studies. Especially faces.

It’s been waaaaaaaaaay too long since I’ve been to lifedrawing class!

Model: Tim

Pose lengths: 2 to 20 mins

Last night’s lifedrawing.

Model: Ellen

Pose lengths: 3 to 20 mins

Lifedrawing from two sessions, one being a models’ workshop and the other a regular lifedrawing class.

These were done in November, but it seems I never photographed them. The only reason I realised is because I’m gathering stuff together for my new website.

My erratic abilities at lifedrawing continue. This is what happens when I don’t attend classes regularly. I can’t fit things on the page and my proportion is whack. I was also trying out some new pencils and that always unsettles me, because I’m desperately reliant on EVERYTHING BEING EXACTLY THE SAME.

I hadn’t been to lifedrawing for a while and it felt like it!

Model: Jeffrey

Time: 2 - 20 min poses

I dunno what’s going on with Tumblr’s image uploader. I try and shift the images around before posting and it cacks its dacks.

Some messy arts from last night’s lifedrawing. Sometimes I had a minute to draw a pose, sometimes 10.

A batch of drawings from last night’s life drawing in 38C heat. This was a model workshop, so not a normal drawing class. The Life Model Society runs a workshop for prospective models and ask some artists to come along for feedback. Sometimes I’d only get 30 seconds to draw a pose, sometimes up to 10 minutes. I had 2 models in my group, Jeremy and Bianca, so I was usually drawing them both in the allotted timeframe. Sometimes I couldn’t see them because other models were standing in the way, but I made do!