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A commission for a belated TF2 Valentines day card.

Somebody forgot to feed their head.



A commission for a belated TF2 Valentines day card.

Somebody forgot to feed their head.


Stop stealing the show Medic!

Love it!

(via catbountry)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

Demo | Sniper | Heavy | Medic

Now I have to get back to study :(


silsol art is best art.

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Просто баловалась, превращая Стивена Колберта в Медика.

Oh my god, hahahahaha!

We’ve all been thinking it.



Sheesh he’s like my favorite fuckin class. I fangirl (not obsessively….totally not something lil ‘ol me would me would do) and just adore his pure awesomeness :) But how old is he??? I know the game takes place in the 1960’s, so he could have been born in the fourties or thirties…can anyone help me out here? 0.0 

Here’s what we know about Medic which will allow us to assess his approximate age:

  1. Medic’s official bio states that he was ‘raised in Stuttgart, Germany, during an era when the Hippocratic oath had been downgraded to an optional Hippocratic suggestion’. This is of course a reference to 1933-1945 (after 1945, the Nuremberg Medical Trials made sure German doctors adhered to the old ‘Do No Harm’).

  2. We know he graduated from medical school since he got a medical license (and subsequently lost it) according to Meet The Medic.

  3. If he graduated from the Gymnasium, German high school, at the age of 18, and completed the six years of medical school that were standard at the time plus the required post-graduate internships without being made to swear the Hippocratic Oath, he would have been at least 25 in 1945. That makes him 48+ years old in 1968 and dates his birth year to around 1920.

Medic could easily be a couple of years older than that, but not canonically younger if we go by this calculation. Fandom consensus pegs him as the oldest member of the team, older than Soldier who fought in WW2 (kind of), so he couldn’t have been born in the 1930s or 1940s unless Soldier went to war when he was 10-15 years old (this is the TF2 universe, mind you, so maybe he did—and maybe Medic was a child prodigy who graduated from university in his teens; I don’t personally believe this to be the case, but TF2 being what it is, a disclaimer seems prudent).

For the sake of comparison, Stephen Colbert is 49 years old:


And Ron Hamm, who played the doctor in the movie Sucker Punch, is 42:


So Medic being somewhere in his mid-/late-forties seems pretty reasonable to me. :)



TF2: Meet the Medic.

Most hoondsomest video game doctor in zhe vorld.

Nice, I like this.

OK, this is my submission for the TF2 Prompt Fest's Secret Santa, for thebicolouredhydra.

Request 5) They’re often referred to as horse-faced, but they’re also horse-men. Both Sniper and Medic know their way around horses, but in different disciplines: one being dressage and the other being in sheep herding. Each think they’re the better horseman than the other, and they’re determined to prove the veracity of that belief.

Fortunately the deadline was extended otherwise this would’ve been late, as with most things I do :(

GDI Tumblr why you make pictures so small?! Originally I was working at 7000 pixel width but reduced it to 3000 for the final image here.

Edit: I’ve been told there will be a fic to go with this, but not sure when.