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Paul J Borg & Sandor M Jorzsa,
The Fun Factory



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David Schwartz,
Arrested Devlopment

Combining the best five versions: Brad Mehldau vs the Beatles vs the Five Stairsteps vs Siouxsie and the Banshees vs the Jerry Garcia Band.

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The Beastie Boys,
Hello Nasty

One of my Beastie Boys faves. Except it doesn’t seem to want to play WTF Grooveshark?!

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Elevate - St Lucia

This track reminds me of Tears For Fears.

Fettes Brot vs. Skeewiff vs. Kpm vs. Keith Mansfield

mashed by Romano Gemini (2013)

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The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra,
Little Big Planet

This is a fantastic album, and I’m really glad I’ve discovered it. If you can’t stump up the cash for it, you can find the album on Grooveshark.

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The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra,
Little BIG Music: Musical Oddities from and Inspired by "Little Big Planet"