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Asker cardicardi Asks:
I saw your answer on how to cover the neck for the mask. What about using the morphsuit hood? I saw they are selling only the hood too. If the eyes and mouth+nose parts are cut off, then it would be perfect cover. Not thick and breathable! By the way, the suit made with faux leather will still make me sweat a lot...
protowilson protowilson Said:

Yes, I don’t see why a morphsuit hood wouldn’t work just as well, if not better given how thin it is. Good suggestion. Thanks! I’ll give it a go.

I use a neoprene diving hood. I would strongly suggest that over painting your neck because you’ll likely sweat a lot, plus you’ll get paint on your collar.

Some diving hoods can cover a large portion of your neck - almost over your shoulders - but I just use the standard one that just covers my neck. It can make getting the gasmask on a bit tricky, but if you have someone to help you, get them to pull the back of the gasmask over your head while you anchor it at the jawline.

A turtleneck shirt might work. Try not to make it a wool one, though! Something cotton’d be best.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, as I do get several inquiries as to how the side filter on my Pyro mask is made. It’s basically one of these screw-top plastic containers that you usually get hair treatments in. The trick is finding one that’s not too deep. The one in the photos at the top is probably a bit too deep. The one at the bottom has better proportions.

Once it’s painted, it’s bolted through the rubber of the mask.

Asker cardicardi Asks:
I really enjoyed your pyro costume! I am currently working on it too, but I'm not sure what should I use for dyeing the suit for burnt effect... Can you tell me what method you used for that?? And... How did you managed your mask during the cons? 'Cause every time I try it on, it makes me dizzy and so sweaty... :( Did you took it off often?? By the way, your arts, costumes, everything are awwwesome!
protowilson protowilson Said:

Thank you!

The charred effect on my suit is a combination of black Tamiya brand spray paint and charcoal dust. The spray paint remained a bit sticky, so I dusted it with a cotton wool ball dipped in charcoal dust and brushed it on. Bear in mind that my suit is made out of furniture vinyl so I’m really not certain what the best method would be if you have a fabric suit. I would’ve suggested spray paint but try it on a piece of scrap fabric first and see how it looks. Use a matte spray paint rather than a gloss one, obviously. You could also try fabric dye in a spray bottle, as that might allow you to get a fade on the charring effect, but again, it’s not something I’ve ever done so couldn’t vouch for its effect.

Wearing the costume is difficult. It only ever varies in the difficulty! When the weather’s hot, I am boiling. When the weather is cold, I am freezing AND sweating! The first time I wore the outfit, the weather was in the low 30degC (90+F) and I had to take the mask off several times. With each successive wearing of the outfit, I’ve been able to deal better with the heat and the sweat. My last wearing of it at PAX AUS was for roughly 5 hours with a brief mask-off break to eat a sandwich for lunch. I do believe that cardio fitness really does help in dealing with this outfit. You can go from normal body temperature to very hot and sweaty with an elevated heart rate and restricted airflow in a very short period of time, and if your body isn’t used to dealing with that, you’ll cop the dizzies or maybe even faint.

Hydration is also tricky. I sweat a lot in that suit, but I can’t drink too much water or I’d have to get out of (in order to pee) and back into what is a very difficult outfit. Parts of the outfit are bolted to the suit, so once it’s on, it’s on until I decide to wrap it up and finish cosplaying for that day. Again, I think my efforts at the gym have helped in managing this particular cosplay.

Hope this helps, and sorry I didn’t respond to your query on dA… I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t checked my messages there very regularly!

Heyheyhey, I friggin adore your Pyro cosplay! Yours is the best i've ever seen c:. I'm making myself a Pyro cosplay too and this is so far my first time i've ever sew clothings before/made from scratch. Since I don't know how to work a sewing machine, I'm sewing it by hand. My problem is that I don't know what measurements i'm suppose to take and how to make the sewing patterns. I'm sorry if i'm bombarding you with too much questions ;u; I'm a total newb at this.
protowilson protowilson Said:

These two posts are probably the most relevant to the suit.

I’d found it hard to find something pre-made, so resigned myself to making something specific. I made it first in calico, and from that made some further adjustments, mostly to the legs because they were far too baggy. I’ve found it’s safest for me to make a toile like this as I don’t trust myself to launch straight into it with the actual fabric. If it’s any consolation, I’ve made the Medic coat about 3 bloody times to try and get the wretched thing right and it’s still not the way I want it!

If you’re going to use furniture vinyl the way I did, I’m afraid hand-sewing it will kill you. So maybe best to opt for “normal” fabric.

Asker hyenadip Asks:
Hi. one of the creators of the brown bomber here, haha, the one you used for your cosplay. is more accurate to the actual hat than the one i have in real life. where did you get it from? i'd love to get one for myself! [ love the cosplay btw. amazing job! ]
protowilson protowilson Said:

Thank you! I love the Brown Bomber. I’m always very reluctant to relinquish it when I play, so my Medic’ll often wear it, too!

I bought my hat on e-Bay from a seller in Turkey. It’s listed as an ushanka rather than a bomber, but I liked the shape of it and it’s really comfortable to wear.

I’ve dug up the listing here.

I’ve spotted another one from the same seller which might be more suitable. It has more noticeable sheepskin than my one, so perhaps this one is more on-model, though it has longer flaps, and straps, though the latter could be easily removed.

Trouble is, neither of them have the smaller inset flaps. They could be added, and I should really look at working out how to do that!

Hope this helps, plus they appear to be on a discount at the moment. I had no trouble with the seller apart from an odd inquiry as to whether or not I was a woman, which, Pyro-style, I didn’t answer!

*swoons in your direction* I came for the porn, I found a new inspiration in life. Seriously, your example got me into doing a lot of things, included cosplay, and I have to thank you with all my heart for that <3 And talking about cosplay (you probably get this a lot, sorry ^^") as I was planning to do a Pyro cosplay, I wanted to know from an expert : what should I wear under the suit to prevent too much heat and sweat ?
protowilson protowilson Said:

I’m actually pretty new to cosplay, so likely a more experienced cosplayer might have advice on the overheating issue cos I gotta tell you, I haven’t found a way to keep well aerated in that suit! Essentially I’m in a sealed bag when I’m wearing Pyro cosplay because my only contact with outside air is via the gas mask filter, which is why (for those who’ve seen me up close at a con) you might’ve noticed me dribbling out of it. It’s not actually DRIBBLE… it’s the condensation from my breath!

dazzle-camoflage mentioned to me that putting vents in the suit, like those found in some ski suits, could be an option, but I’d be worried I’d do it wrong and it look like I’ve ripped the seams unintentionally! I’m not an adept sewer.

Basically what I have to do is wear something to soak up the sweat but that isn’t too thick or it’ll make the overheating worse. The first time I cosplayed Pyro, it was about 30 deg C (about 90F for you imperialites) and I had to take the mask off numerous times to catch a breather.

Drinking water is also a juggling act. If I drink water beforehand, then I want to pee while I’ve got the suit on and getting in and out of it is a nightmare! And drinking while the suit’s on means I have to take the mask off, and that has to be done where no-one can see me cos a) I’d look damn hideous with a sweaty, red, snotty face and b) I try to not indicate my gender while I’m cosplaying Pyro.

Consequently, at the end of the cosplaying session, I’m dehydrated, sweaty and stinky and exhausted! That said, I was able to cosplay for about 5 hours at PAXAus which I think is my longest time stretch in one go as Pyro. The fact it was about 8degC helped!

So after this long ramble, to actually answer your question:

I wear a long-sleeve cotton top, yoga pants and white cotton gloves under the suit. Also long socks. And blister pads. And a really good sports bra.

Asker omgwtfmisslj Asks:
I think I got a photo of you at Supanova (melbourne) in '12, as a pyro. I don't know if I've got the photo either. It's a really cool costume you've got. My other "question" is: Is that an actual LPG bottle on your flame gun?
protowilson protowilson Said:

I don’t see many Pyros at cons. I did see one guy who had an actual metal tank on his back. I have no idea how he lugged that around! disfiguredstick also Pyro’ed at Aus ComicCon last year. But we do seem to be a rare breed of TF2 cosplay!

The LPG tank is not real. It’s constructed of interlocking pieces of architectural foam and car body filler. There’s very little metal on the flamethrower.




Not even joking, flawless.

Right after, my friend commented ‘It was so accurate that we still don’t know if it was a man or woman in there’.

Side note, I want to meet this person.

Protowilson! The greatest Pyro I’ve had the pleasure of meeting :D




PAX Aus 2013 Cosplays pt. 2

  • I went to uni with the Link and the Spartan, so cool.
  • The Edgeworth and Gumshoe made me so happy.
  • The C. Viper made her own wig. Mad skillz!
  • Really sad I didn’t get my shit together and do a TF2 Scout cosplay…NEXT YEAR!

Still finding photos from PAX :D