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OK since Animation Mentor is not kicking my ass for 5 minutes, I have finally got around to posting the little avatar commissions I took…er… about a month ago, I believe. My thanks to those who commissioned me. It was fun.

Cos you two aren’t totally pushing your luck.

dammit I’m meant to be studying Heavy could you have had a more adorable name look at your knitted vest


I like the idea that Sniper and Scout talk/gossip/argue a lot with each other. 

They’re totally best buddies

SFM by RAGEPANDDEMOMAN  & Dragara give love

Sniper’s expression in the second panel is just the best.


2nd pic for proto’s secret santa! again i’m not too creative i apologize!!! they’re both very pleased with themselves for getting the paper on each others backs without the other noticing. like father, like son, as they say.

spy gets kicked far more than usual that day, although scout remains un-fucked

if you’re viewing this on my blog and you wanna fullview, just right click and open the image in a new tab!!!

Wow I get TWO secret santas! Thanks, peanutfairy! Gotta love a bit of passive-aggressive Scout and Spy!

Soldier knows how to soothe a bun.

How the fucking fuck do I lettuce?!

Only Soldier has clearance to touch Sergeant Tank Girl.

Someone else can make the Soldier pussy jokes.

Just passing time.


By tf2-daesdemona.

Entire team is babies. Heavy is only adult on base.

Hey remember Easter?  That thing that happened a week ago?

I’ve finally got a hold of the printed cards.  I will not use this printer again.  I don’t like it when someone tells me “It’ll only take a couple of days” and then 3 times that period passes and I have to chase them up to see what’s happening.  You’ve been in this business for a number of years, therefore you should be able to give accurate quotes on how long a job will take based on what you have currently in-house.

The colours aren’t as rich as they should be, the card stock on the flimsy side, and no envelopes included.  Price-wise, this printer was more expensive than the one I’ve used before in the US, and that’s even taking into account shipping to Australia.  And the US printer gives me envelopes, pre-folds the cards, and I usually get a few spare prints as well!  They also print within 48 hours.  It’s just the shipping that takes an age!

I don’t mind paying more if the quality is comparable to the cost, but the US printer gives better results for cheaper.  It’s disappointing because I’d like to use a local printer, but I guess they’re comfortable gouging photographers and wedding parties so they don’t have to try as hard.

Anyway, I’ll be sending these out this week and once again my apologies for the appalling lateness.  Maybe I should start on the Independence Day card now, frig-a-rig!