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Someone please draw Scout in this shirt omg

(via neener-nina)


1960s GQ pictorial concept

1960년대 GQ화보컨셉

[demoman] [engineers] [heavy] [medic] [pyro] [scout] [sniper] [soldier[spy]

'Speed Demons'

I’ve been watching The Incredibles again while working on my animation and now have an even greater level of respect for how fantastic it is.

brOTP brOT3 

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Hahaha what on earth happened?!


OK since Animation Mentor is not kicking my ass for 5 minutes, I have finally got around to posting the little avatar commissions I took…er… about a month ago, I believe. My thanks to those who commissioned me. It was fun.

Cos you two aren’t totally pushing your luck.

dammit I’m meant to be studying Heavy could you have had a more adorable name look at your knitted vest