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Yeah, Supanova was pretty fucking sweet.

(if you are in any of these photographs please tag yourself)

I’m the Pyro (in the gas mask with the axe) and aeronik is the Sniper standing next to me.

This photo of us was taken by Jarod Marc Saunders who was working the weapons check desk at Melbourne Supanova.

The downside of cosplaying is you often can’t take photos yourself, so I’m always trawling the interweebs to find other people’s photos of us cos I am a giant fathead


well I tried my best (。・//ε//・。)

Hahaha their faces! Fantastic!

(via catbountry)



I couldn’t resist painting my ladysniper in the style of Moby Francke. I may do my ladyheavy as well…

reblogging for the other side



sniper witnessing the nuclear bomb that will soon destroy all of australia

Or summer. Equally as destructive.

Happy Austraya Day, mates!




So I think all the Australians in the fandom should draw Sniper (and/or Saxton Hale) doing what you did for Australia Day. Go.



For being such a crabby shit, Sniper, I’m gonna force you into a pair of speedos.