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Heavy, you really wanna ask that question?

My life is hurtling down the toilet - discuss.

Ugh one day I’ll advance to a stage where Demo doesn’t look different in EVERY SINGLE FRICKIN’ DRAWING!


1960s GQ pictorial concept

1960년대 GQ화보컨셉

[demoman] [engineers] [heavy] [medic] [pyro] [scout] [sniper] [soldier] [spy]

So good my tumblr phone app crashed while I was looking at this. No joke. Spy sapping mah phone.

News At Eleven - Idiot Woman Makes Situation Worse


The one down the bottom is for Medic’s wallet.

Note: the tattoo is not my design. It’s Voodoodolly's.


Since not everyone who follows me appreciates this kind of stuff, you’ll need to click on the image for the full picture directly off my Tumblr and not your dash.

Or click here. Maybe you should do it in private, though.

He’s a good sport.

I took this after the con visit today since I was unable to take any while dressed as Pyro.  Kel might have some photos as she brought her camera along.  Otherwise I might have to keep an eye out on a few social media sites to see if any pics of us turn up.

rawr shitty fark fark teats wizzle this’ll have to do


dumb doodle of a dumb hat i dumb want

A nice arts.