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A cute Balloonicorn bandana for your real-life noggin.

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Someone please draw Scout in this shirt omg

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Oh also I just witnessed an argument in the comments section of a tf2 video about Medic’s accent about how these german guys hated his accent thinking it’s really terrible and one guy was like “he’s from bavaria, it’s actually rly good for an american dude” and they all went “ooooooooooooohhh” and that was the most civil argument i’ve ever seen on youtube

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Just a cheap recycling of this.

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I had to do a Balloonicorn one!

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Haha it happened!

One of the things I find frustrating are t-shirt designs that are very busy and almost fill the front of a shirt. I prefer ones that are kept fairly simple, probably because I often find that large, complex designs distort and make my boobs look huge, like a lumpy cinema screen. Trying to find t-shirt designs that don’t do that is a challenge, so thought I’d do one for the workshop. I can only ever design for my own likes because I’m frequently stumped by what’s appealing to others.

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Would anyone be interested in buying Pyro cosplay gloves from me, and if so, how much would you expect to pay, minus shipping?

Sorry it’s at least 2 days late!