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My (hopeful) plan for PAXAus cosplay is Journey, Pyro and Demo. So I’m putting another row of pattern on my Journey cloak, sanding bomb ends (made out of halved polystyrene balls that have had several layers of PVA, spray putty and car body filler added to them), and Demo’s various pouches (made out of foamcore covered in paper).

*screeches and bashes the table*


Asker Anonymous Asks:
what ever happened to the pyro bandana??
protowilson protowilson Said:

This? Well, I uploaded it to the merchandise workshop but I guess it wasn’t popular enough for Valve and We Love Fine to consider it. Ah well.


This is later than intended, partly because my router died a bit ago, the update, my classes and a question of whether I’d even be around during most of the posting period.

Anyways, here’s the rules and formating for 2014’s Secret Santa.

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I might do an art again. Also reblobbing to spread the word.

OK, aeronik finally opened his woefully overdue Christmas present. No specials, but no doubles either. It looks like a complete display box gets you a full set, or maybe he was just lucky.

Spy’s eyes are really scary, but he came with a teeny tiny version of the photo of him and Scoutma.

The back of Scout’s head is weird.

Pyro is best.

Wahhh! I can’t open it cos it’s not mine!


I was compelled to do it because I want Medic undies. Help me get Medic undies!