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Doodling less cartoony is a fun work out but I’m out of practice.

PS: Birds are the best!




We saw this guy at Melbourne Supanova yesterday. We’d met him previously when he was a Scout. I thought his cosplay was pretty well done, especially the mask. Often I see a lot of woolly balaclavas and god know what-all when it comes to Spy cosplays. Good job!


My friend Fe as Pyro at Melbourne Supanova 2014
(ft. Daft Punk)

A fellow Pyro?! How did I not see you?!

(via neener-nina)


Yeah, Supanova was pretty fucking sweet.

(if you are in any of these photographs please tag yourself)

I’m the Pyro (in the gas mask with the axe) and aeronik is the Sniper standing next to me.

This photo of us was taken by Jarod Marc Saunders who was working the weapons check desk at Melbourne Supanova.

The downside of cosplaying is you often can’t take photos yourself, so I’m always trawling the interweebs to find other people’s photos of us cos I am a giant fathead

Voodoo Juju done.

The skull’s way too big but that’ll have to wait until after Supanova for me to fix.

The tf2 servers I play on are generally very good (, so when a dingbat turns up hacking, it stands out like a particularly ugly wart. We had one last night called ratchet bang who, as Heavy, was able to kill with a minigun from way across the map. A lot of people from both sides picked up on it and told them to shove off, but then the hacker began to miraculously acquire ALL the achievements. And there’s a truckload, so the text chat just became a constantly scrolling stream of “ratchet bang has achieved”. All ratchet bang achieved was everyone else’s contempt, me reporting them to the server admin, and them being banned. Shout out to the server admin Vypers-au for jumping on it so quickly.

When my partner came into my room I was staring at the top screenshot and he thought it was because I had a domination on him. I was quite pleased with the way he kept running face first into my sentry gun… that’s determination.



A commission for a belated TF2 Valentines day card.

Somebody forgot to feed their head.



A commission for a belated TF2 Valentines day card.

Somebody forgot to feed their head.